FTP Instructions

Procedure for Sale of Current Year
Delinquent Taxes FTP instructions

We recommend that you read the informational document, ReadMe.doc, on the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site at FTP Site Link. This document will answer many of the questions you may have. Please type the following FTP site into the address window of your browser window or click on this link: 
FTP Site Link.

The user identification is: jcco
The password is: 4sale

We do not support any browser or FTP client, but do recommend you use Chrome to minimize any connectivity issues. Additionally, you may use an FTP client like FileZilla version, or WSFTP Pro, with the same address & credentials listed above .

Select the particular folder of information containing the delinquent tax bills you are interested in purchasing. For example, if you want the latest Delinquent Tax database, double click the Delinquent Tax folder. Then, double click the file(s) you want and click save. You can also double-click a particular file to download it to your computer.

After downloading the file(s) containing the specific delinquent tax bills you are interested in purchasing, simply close out your browser. You may need to download decompression utility software like PKWare or WinZip. The Web site for PKWare is www.pkware.com and for WinZip it is www.winzip.com. XP has compression functionality built in already. If you have any questions related to these procedures, please contact the manager of the Delinquent Tax Department at 502-574-5061.

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